You are here because you are attracted to geometric abstraction, timeless materials, and aesthetics.

H I G H D O T S is a design studio communicating to you the simplicity and elegance.

My kind of design is more from inside out driven by intuitive forms that I am trying to apply for making objects.

Thanks to my team – Mr Bill Tzelepis, Mr John Moutafidis, Mr Costas Fotakopoulos, Mrs Vaso Limperi, and Mr Tilemachos Tampakas – I have been able to infuse my point of view for beauty and everyday objects.

Special thanks to a great Artist, Haris Lithos, who once said to me: “If you are about to do it, reach up to the end.”

And special thanks to you for meeting me here.

Periclis Frementitis

Favorite Artist: Cy Twombly, Alberto Giacometti, Fausto Melotti

Favorite material: marble Carrara, copper, bronze

Favorite Object: mirror, candles, lighting objects